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Our main goals are:

a) taking the education and research initiatives in science, economy, trends, markets and geopolitical changes according to education and employment market, spreading entrepreneurship posture, supporting processes of the social-economic development.

b) creating complete system solutions according to education of employment market and social-economic development.

c) active supporting of unemployment society to permanent activate them.

d) supporting initiatives with the object of building information society.

e) supporting institutions and organisations, realizing goals similar to Alpha Institute.

f) leading trainings, courses, workshops and conferences.

g) supporting all needed initiatives to realize main goals of Fundation.

h) promoting innovativeness and creativity for employment market, education and new technologies.

i) supporting creation of global chain of initiatives and ideas according to education, new technologies and everything related to employment market.

j) promoting Poland to became technologic and ideologic center in education and new technologies in imitation of "Silicon Valley”

k) preparation and introduction tools allowing to promote polish new technology and young talents.