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Social Coaching™

More and more of teachers become unemployed and it won't be better. Searching for an solution of our problems it is worth to think about creating something permanent, guaranteed possibility of continuation. Something not related with structural or economical changes, which always will guarantee to teachers needed to life income, and at one time something which provides quality changes in society.

That is why we propose creating of authorial program (including with checked in e.g. Germany elements of coaching for addicted or threaded by exclusion or with starting in Poland project "family assistant" or with other existing e.g. in USA elements of family and social mediations) – social coaching addressed specially for a teachers.
Funding of teachers trainings and for other affects of them actions will be funding from the special fund and it will be spend due to Natinal Program of Prevention and Solving Alcohol Problems for years 2011-2015.

Social Coaching® is the way of a innovative attitude to social problems – it cares in one side for an addicted people, and in other, threaten for an exclusion, unemployed and not handling with fast changes of society, child from dysfunctional families, etc. but with one exclusion - we gives a fishing rod, not a fish. Teachers from this group helps other ones. This is a system which can cure themselves.

Social Coaching® is the answere to fast changing world and it is the help, intended for that ones, which can not take care of themselves. As it mentioned prof. Antoni Kępiński – „Excluding from society, social death it mean for human being this same as biological death.” That is why duty of all of us which are able to, is doing everything possible to stop that exclusion.