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Making ME

Alpha Institute introduce three steps training, effected in:
1. Creating individual brand
2. Finding personal potential
3. Creating basic of products, which they decided to take care of in future.

      Identify main personal habits, changing them and leads to changes in personal or organization system. It also changes with main habits - replacing negative ones with the positive ones. In this moment we identify main habits, which change will affect to personal or organisation system changes. Next we leads to change negative main habit to the other one - positive one.

Final effect:
•   Realizing power of habits
•   Recognition of main habit in life
•   Replacing negative main habit
•   Creating and assimilation new, positive personal main habit.
•   Recognizing personal type of character and get perfect to most effective method to manage of our skills in time.
•   Recognizing techniques of introducing new habits, which member will need in later life stages.
•   Effect responsibility sense
•   Feeling of possibilities to change own lige
•   Strength sense
•   Bringing back hope and realizing that problems in most cases could be solved using our resources and skills.