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Edi Pyrek

• Graduate UW – pedagogy, ethnography, anthropology, psychology, Polish philology. Scholar of University of Bern. Present working about doctorate about "Religion of Brand®".

• Mentor, lecturer on Colleges and business and science congresses (like SWPS, TEDx, Economic Forum in Gdynia), business consultant, traveller, journalist (e.g. National Geographic), spin doctor, negotiator (e.g. in Afghanistan), author of 8 books and documentary serials (e.g. TVP and Discovery), he is handling of building the brands (copyright conception about Religion of Brands®) and creating educational systems and writing theatre plays (e.g. for Praga Theatre).

• As a spin doctor - for 10 years he was responsible for a politician marketing - mentor and coach for two polish Prime Ministers, few Ministers, and several parliamentarians. He was a coach of a professor Zbigniew Religa (during his President campaign) and the the Marshal of the Sejm, mr Maciej Płażyński - also, when the political party "PO" was rising.

• Working also as a pacific negotiator after 09 September 2012 between chiefs of Afghan tribes (with two others American negotiators).

• He also works with effects of stresses caused because of catastrophe in Smolensk in Poland with Polish embassy in Moscow after few weeks past the catastrophe.

• For few years Trainer of Belarusian Opposition and before last President election he was a Trainer of a main opponent of Łukaszenko.

• Mentor of CIOs of biggest polsh companies and few the richest people in Poland. Lecturer in Poland, Rossia and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is a Mentor in "Global Silicon Valley", the biggest business accelerator for star-up's – Founder Institute.

• He is also a member and one of creators of "Mentor Club" and V-ce President (with Wojciech Eichelberger) Fundation for Mans Masculinum, and with z Eryk Mustewicz he is co-founder Institute of New Media.

• As a journalist - he was for example editor-in-chief of psychology quarterly magazine and chief report chief one of woman's magazine in publication of Bauer. Working also with: Newsweek, Rzeczpospolita (own column), Prime (regular feuilletons), Marketing & More (own column about managing and marketing), Wprost, CKM, etc. Now he is still co-worker of National Geographic and New Media. He is writes a book about business - „Religion of Brands®” for publisher Helion.